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25th Februay

New World x Old World

We will be tasting 4 wines from New and Old World, understanding their real differences nuances.

25th . March

Tradition X Modernity

Some people prays that less intervention means better wines, but... is it true? I would say that it depends on your own palate, so come and discover what style makes you happier!


South Africa (Beyond Pinotage)

It has taken nearly 20 years for the South African wine trade to become the exciting place it is today. Let's have a close look to what this beautiful country has to offer.

27th May

Spain - Traditional Regions

Rioja is maybe the most well known wine region in Spain, but why we like it so much? Let's compare wines from different classic regions and get to know a bit more about this gastronomic country.

24th Jun

New Zeland - Everything but Sauvignon

Ok, Ok... New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are great, but believe me... you might be shocked with the delicious Chardonnays, Rieslings, Viognier, Pinot Noirs, Syrah and more which you can find around!

29th July

Spain - Is there anything new?

Breaking the rules is the new rule in Spain, some of the best Spanish producers are leaving the classic DOs like Rioja and Cava and creating their own style. It's an exciting moment for Spain full of new flavours and great quality!

26th August

Australia - Whites to celebrate summer!

Australia produces delicious Red Wines, but what about whites? Let's swim in the diversity of wines that Australia produces and refresh ourselves! From the classic to the most unusual grapes, you will love each one of them!

30th September

Portugal - a patchwork of grapes

We love Portuguese wines and we know that it's just not easy, to go and grab a bottle of Periquita, Baga, Antao Vaz and etc.. Simply cause we are not sure what to expect from grapes with such names. After this tasting you will get to know the country and its aromas. Attention, you might end up loving it also!

28th October

lephant Wine Tasting - Australia (A land with many wine styles)

We get always impressed with Australian wines, they produce any type of wine you might imagine, let's go around and taste the different, the less usual styles and see what happens.

25th November

English Sparkling Wines

Time to celebrate and nothing better them bubbles!!! For this month we will be swimming in bubbles! The best English Sparkling wines are just as good as champagne, let's taste it together and get ready for Christmas and New Years Eve.